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Frequently asked questions

How do I get started with my floor restoration?

Simply complete our enquiry form and email a few photos of your floor; we will then contact you to discuss your floor in more detail and afterwards provide you with our full written quotations including our specification along with an exact price for the works.

Will you need to visit?

We will let you know if we need to call but normally with over 20 years of experience we can specify and provide you with an accurate fixed price for the works without calling.

If your project is at all complicated or extensive then we will of course arrange to call and carryout a full assessment.

How much will my floor restoration cost?

The cost will depend on your floor type and whether any repairs are required. Our prices are competitive and we believe we offer value for money as well as an efficient service.

Are you fully independent and not a franchise?

Yes we pride ourselves on being fully independent and fully in control of what we do; this is an important consideration when choosing a firm to carry out your work.

Franchise floor operators are obliged to purchase the franchise operators seals and other products; some of these products and methods are cleverly marketed but often fail in use. All of our floor products and methods have been quality assessed over time by us.

As always and especially in the case of seals and finishes we will only recommend and use flooring products that provide for:

Can you really restore any floor?

Yes we really can restore any floor our experience is wide and varied and there are very few cases where we cannot redeem your floor.

Hopefully our site has enthused you and you can see just how different that unsightly floor can look after restoration!

Will you inform me about how to care for my floor afterwards?

Yes we always provide full written care information along with the appropriate starter cleaners where applicable thus enabling you to keep your floor in prime condition for the longest possible time.

You will also receive full information and product details about any seals or polishes used on your floor as well as application instructions enabling you to re coat the floor in the future. Finally after we have completed your project you can contact us for advice at any time in the future.

Do you provide guarantees for your workmanship?

All of our work is guaranteed and in the unlikely and thankfully rare! event that any part of our workmanship develops a fault period then we will of course return to correct things .

How long will my floor restoration take?

We understand that you will want to re use your floor and room again as quickly as possible and with this in mind we always staff your project adequately to ensure that you are back to normal as soon as possible.

We time and plan the works well before the start day; and we will email our schedule to you well in advance so that you can plan everything.

Can I walk on my floor whilst it is being worked on?

In almost every case you will be able to walk on the floor whilst work progresses; in the unlikely event that there are any risks to children or pets then we will notify you of these accordingly.

The only time when you will not be able to use the floor is on the day of sealing and even then the floor is normally finished in good time so that you can re use the floor at the end of the day.

Can you help me with moving furniture from the room/s?

Yes of course, there will normally be at least 2 of our staff on site to assist in moving bulky or heavy furniture; we just ask that contents be removed from furniture before we arrive.

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Do I need to be there when the work is carried out?

No. Except that we ask that you are in attendance when we first arrive to discuss any logistics and anything else that you may want to talk about; also it would be very helpful if you could be there at the end of the works so that we can agree that everything has been carried out to your satisfaction.

Otherwise you can leave our staff to get on with the works and feel comfortable in the knowledge that all of our staff are longstanding and trust worthy and as confirmed in their CBS checks.

Is my floor worth restoring?

In most cases the answer is a resounding yes! Many of our customers had at first considered replacing their floor and had subsequently been very pleasantly surprised to find that they’re newly restored floor looks better than new. This is especially true for period and older floors where these have an intrinsic appeal and form part of the building’s character and charm.

With the benefit of over 20 years trading we are normally able to email you with an almost identical restored floor to your own; hopefully this will serve to enthuse you to restore that problem floor!

Any other questions – please do contact us!
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