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Edwardian tiled floor repair

Edwardian tiled floor repair  This project involved some intricate repairs including tile replacements along with the re affixing of loose tiles ; we supplied the matching tiles from our stocks . Edwardian floor refubishment involves processes in common with other period tile repair techniques . Edwardian tiled floors have intricate designs often with geometric patterns which added sophistication and elegance to the Read More
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Victorian Pitch pine floor repair

Victorian pitch pine floor repair  Restoring a Victorian pitch pine floor is a rewarding process that brings out the timeless elegance of historic homes. With 33 years of experience The Floor Restoration Company With Expertise have aquired the neccessary skills and knowledge to sympathetically restore  historic floors such as the Victorian pine floor restoration shown below . Victorian pitch pine is extremely robust Read More
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Parquet repair

Parquet repair  Before  Parquet floor repaired After  This repaired parquet floor regains its structural integrity along with its visual appeal; the parquet floor will provide for many years of use and will certainly last for a life time . We have been restoring parquet flooring for over 25 years ; contact us to find your parquet floor repair cost Read More
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