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lime washing floor boards

Lime washing floor boards  These 1920 pine floor boards required repair before sanding and applying the lime wash technique .Lime washing pine boards produces a mellow finish and helps to disguise the 'orangery' effect of certain pine varieties.The finished surface is very durable and stainproof . Before Apologies for the poor quality photo Read More
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Victorian tiled floor restoration in Malvern

Victorian tiled floor restored in Malvern Black and red Victorian tiled floor discovered after lifting carpets in Malvern . Before Impermeable coverings (the pre existing carpet and rubber backed underlay) have prevented the natural dissipation of the underfloor moisture ( no substrate damp proof layer in floors of this age ) and produced effervesence (formation of salts on the surface) . After The floor has been deep Read More
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Village Hall floor restored in Worcestershire

Mathon Village Hall floor restored This old Victorian pine floor has stood the test of time and was still structurally sound however quite a few of the boards were splintering and had holes and gaps causing injury to the users of the hall . We met with Tom the Chairman of the hall to discuss the repairs required and produced a full rectification specification for the repair and renewal of areas of the floor.With budgets in mind - often a Read More
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